Tinian International Airport Terminal Improvement

Saipan International Airport Car Rental Building Improvement

Tinian International Airport - ARFF Rapid Refill Station Improvement 

TSA Office/Office Renovations, Saipan International Airport

Aircraft  Rescue  Firefighting  Facility  (ARFF)  Two–Storey Classroom  Building, Saipan International Airport

Saipan International Airport Rotating Beacon Replacement

CPA-CHCC Isolation Facility, Saipan International Airport

Construction of Brown Tree Snake Barrier, Saipan International Airport

Saipan International Airport ARFF Roof Leak Repairs

Ports Police Surveillance Camera Office Renovation at CPA Port Terminal

Saipan  International  Airport  Restroom  Renovations  and  Water Pump Upgrade

POI-AOA Build-out, Saipan International Airport

Construction of Joeten Kagman Shopping Center Building, Parking, Storm Drainage System, Retaining Wall and Access        Road

Construction of Joeten KIA Motors Showroom, Beach Road, San Jose, Saipan

Construction of Two (2) Storey Ambulatory Office Building, Chalan Laulau, Saipan

Construction/Renovation of Two–Storey Bridge Capital Main Office, Micro Beach Road, Saipan

Construction of Best Sunshine’s Temporary Casino, T-Galleria, Garapan, Saipan

Construction of Club C Gaming Room and Entertainment, Kanoa Resort, Saipan

Construction of Ironwood Project – Building No. 2,3,4,7 & 8, Middle Road, Saipan

Construction of Six Storeys’ Sandy Beach Homes (Labor Subcontractor with BCC), Chalan Kanoa, Saipan

Construction of Luis-Maria Angando Three (3) – Storey Commercial Building with Penthouse, Puerto Rico, Saipan

Construction of PIC Teppanyaki Restaurant, San Antonio, Saipan

Construction of Bubba Gump Restaurant, Garapan, Saipan

Construction of Sunshine Café/Hotpot No. 1 Restaurant, Majestic Building, Coral Tree Ave., Garapan, Saipan

Island Wide Marking & Signage Upgrade Route 31 (Chalan Monsignor Guerrero Road)

Construction  of  Route  31 Cross  Island  Road  Improvement,  Phase  II-B (Subcontractor for HRP)

CUC Coral Tree Sewerline Replacement, Garapan, Saipan

Kagman Watershed Waterways A, B, & C, Saipan, under USDA-NRCS

8” ACP Waterline Abandonment for San Vicente Service Area Extension Project

As Matuis Water Wells Interconnection and Water Line Project, Saipan

Replacement of Collapsed Vitrified Clay Pipe Sewer Line, As Terlaje Hill, CMG Road, Saipan

Replacement of Collapse 10” Asbestos Cement Pipe Sewer Line @ Bernardo St., Chalan Kanoa, Saipan

Installation of Approximately 7,000 Water Meters, Saipan

Garapan Water Quality Restoration Project (Subcontract with Maeda Pacific Corporation), Kalachucha Ave. and  Lirio/ Bukiki Ave.

Supply, Delivery, and Installation of Pathway Lightings, Saipan; DPW15-RFP-004; Contract No. 604678-OC

PSS Repair and replacement of Fencing for Central Schools

NMC Building O & P Roof Renovation and Waterproofing Works, Saipan

Construction of  Hopwood Two (2) – Classroom Bilingual Building, Chalan Piao, Saipan

Construction of Saipan International School’s Two (2) – Storey School Extension, As Lito, Saipan

Construction of Additional Classrooms for Kagman II Head Start Center, Saipan

Koblerville Elementary School Open Canopy at Stage Area, Saipan

Tinian Elementary School Chainlink Fence Replacement

Bulk Chlorine Storage Facility

Supply and Installation of  Stand by Generator (350 KW) and Renovation of Generator Building @ Northern Marianas College, Saipan

Supply and Installation of Pad Mounted Transformer (1000 KVA) @ Tinian High School, San Jose Village, Tinian

Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade Project for the Islands of Saipan, Rota and Tinian

Supply and Installation of Emergency Generator for the WIC Program Administration and Clinic Building, 

Construction of Tandem Skydive Hangar, Saipan International Airport

Construction of Norman/Kelly Tenorio’s Two (2) – Storey Three (3) –Bedrooms Residential House with Underground Water Tank and Outside Toilet, Mt. Tapochao, Saipan

Construction of Masga’s Residence, San Vicente, Saipan

Construction of Atty. Gregory J. Koebel’s Split Level Two (2) –Bedrooms Residential House with Swimming Pool, gazebo and Underground 

Water Tank, As Falipe, Gualo Rai, Saipan

Construction of Paul Tenorio / Letty Borja’s Two (2) – Storey Five (5) – Bedrooms Residential House with Underground Water Tank and

Generator Room, Mt. Tapochao, Saipan

Ballesteros/Kapileo House Renovation, San Jose, Saipan (under SBA);

Construction of Kamata Three – Storey Residential House with Penthouse, Outside Amenities  (Swimming  Pool,  Gazebo,  Garden, 

Fishpond,  Rock  Mountain,  Water Tank, Parking with Trellis); and Two- Storey Apartment Building, Garapan, Saipan